Gift Certificates

To Redeem
1) Log into an existing, or create a new, account where you want to apply the value
2) Click on the Redeem Link or go to My Account > Redeem Gift Certificate and enter the code to redeem your gift certificate
3) This will add a credit on your account that can be used to purchase a membership or can be applied to other fees
To Purchase
Select a certificate below, fill in the form, and then pay for your gift certificate.
The gift certificate will be sent to the email address provided with the message you specify

1. Selecteren

uitgestelde sociaal tarief

Deferred social rate 15€ per year for a member who is having financial difficulty but does not qualify for the Uitpas met kansentarief.

Minimum amount: 5,00 €

Maximum amount: 150,00 €

2. Recipient

3. Van